Dressed, Opening Oct. 19th

October 15, 2019 Iris PhotoCollective

Dressed, Opening Oct. 19th

IPC ArtSpace is pleased to announce the opening of “Dressed” on view at its gallery from October 19 — November 23, 2019. This focused exhibition infuses the viewers’ imagination by exploring the subjects’ hidden identities.

In the exhibition ‘Dressed’, award-winning photojournalist, C.W. Griffin, photographer Johnny Acero, and creative director, Anna Zilberberg, allow their subjects to step out of their comfort zone to make life more fun and exciting. Exhibit curator, Carl P. Juste, observes that when dressing up in character or costume, people are transformed into a hopeful version of themselves.  An exploration of identity and fluidity 

In ‘Dressed’, Griffin explores cosplay and costume. In his images, we see that what we wear for work (or play) is more than simple self-expression. We define our own identity and then navigate to a place within the community. A bridge is formed in the gap between ourselves and the collective. This process begins with the daily uniform and reaches into haute couture. There can be seen the eye’s lust for change, the power of association, and the reach of aspiration. Our inner identity gives way to the symbolism that we put on. In Nomads, Johnny Acero and Anna Zilberberg examine the alter egos of women as expressions of empowerment and curiosity. Each portrait is a vision of the other “I” which is considered distinct from their original and outward personality. Acero and Zilberberg integrate these two selves, provoking the imagination of the viewer. 

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