See Reflections In Person

See Reflections In Person

Get a sneak peek of artist and collector Jeffrey Glasser’s exhibition Reflections at Iris PhotoCollective ArtSpace, as ArtSpace director and photojournalist Carl Juste speaks with Glasser about his creative process and influences.

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We all need a break from the virtual. Starting August 15th, Iris PhotoCollective ArtSpace presents a new exhibition of photography and sculpture, which will be made available for limited in-person viewing. Reflections, an intimate, meditative show features artist Jeffrey Glasser’s work and personal collection.

Though it was planned before COVID hit, Reflections speaks to the current moment when we are longing for physical, concrete presence. Glasser’s fine sensibility for light and shape belongs to a generation that spent hours and hours in the darkroom, perfecting details in the quiet of the night. Much of his photography is printed in the old school way, not digital but light captured by metal and embedded into paper. His sculpture reflects the same appreciation for light and shadow. Together, his personal collection and his creative work reflect a way of seeing the world. It also reminds us that art can be healing, and that we are not whole without it.

To view the exhibition in person, please visit our Eventbrite page for the week’s schedule. By appointment only, with limited availability each day.

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