Portfolio Reviews at IPC

June 3, 2021 Iris PhotoCollective

Portfolio Reviews at IPC

Photo: Jenny Romney, 2010

Photo by Jenny Romney, 2010

This summer, we are introducing portfolio reviews at Iris PhotoCollective. We hope that you will enjoy this new resource as an artistic and professional resource. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing perspectives from some of the students and professionals who have worked with Carl and C.W. to fine-tune their skills and creative approach.

Testimonial: Jenny Romney

I feel privileged to have known Carl P. Juste for the last 24 years. I met Carl at The Miami Herald where I worked in the Advertising Division as Operations Manager. It was there that I became interested in photography for ad-building purposes, but had no training or skills when it came to a camera.

Fortunately, I became familiar with the excellent photojournalism work of the Herald’s top photographers, including Carl Juste, whose award-winning images further inspired my passion for this craft. I reached out to Carl who in spite of a busy schedule, was happy to give me assistance and quickly became my go-to advisor and mentor. He taught me the basics of framing, shooting and making a photograph with purpose. I was able to elevate my work, but I wanted to take my skills even further. It was for this reason that I decided to enroll in the courses he taught at IPC Visual Lab where I refined my shooting habits and learned how to properly edit my work.

Carl is an amazing person, professionally and personally. He is wise and has excellent communication skills. He has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages and his ability to connect with his students is truly superior. I am glad to write this letter of endorsement on behalf of my photography instructor and mentor, Carl P. Juste.

Jenny Babot Romney
Graphic Designer

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