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IPC ArtSpace is a vibrant creative place for artistic exploration. Our mission is to enrich our community by actively encouraging the arts through education, sponsorship and outreach. New development in Little Haiti is changing the neighborhood’s creative landscape. IPC ArtSpace is holding ground, making space for artists of diverse backgrounds to engage with the arts.
The primary goal of IPC ArtSpace is to nurture connections between and among Haitian and Latin American artists and communities, and to create an intersection between these communities and our organizational partners. To that end, we host workshops, special events, lectures, performances, meeting space, a gift shop and an exhibition space. We emphasize expressive authenticity, a sense of vibrancy, and a commitment to cultural roots.

Past Exhibitions

Cuba: Paradise Lost in Nostalgia

August 24 – October 10th, 2019
Cuba: Paradise Lost in Nostalgia is a part of the larger Iris PhotoCollective project and book, Havana, Haiti. For this series on Cuba, a group of photojournalists return to the island in 2019 to explore what it has become today.

Our Team

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