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Get editorial feedback and technical advice, open to students and professionals worldwide.

As part of our mission to engage with our community, we offer portfolio reviews for members of the public, including both newbies and experienced professionals. Every portfolio review will be geared towards your individual projects and goals. Get an expert’s perspective on your work and take your skills to the next level.

Schedule a one or three hour block with IPC Members Carl Juste or C.W. Griffin. All appointments booked in advance online. Held via Zoom.

Carl Juste

Learn what your images are saying and why. As a seasoned photojournalist, Carl offers insight into the storytelling potential of your photography. You may also choose to review your portfolio with Carl’s fine-tuned editorial eye, so you can put your best work forward for contests, curatorial projects, and more. Learn more about Carl Juste

C.W. Griffin

C.W. Griffin is an excellent resource for photographers looking to upgrade their technical skills. Whether you shoot outdoors or in the controlled setting of the studio, get advice on how you can improve lighting, choose the best equipment, and create the image you see in your mind’s eye. Learn more about C.W. Griffin


“When calling on Carl’s sophisticated and measured eye to help in the editing process, he has always shown a great deal of patience and finely honed insights. His input and advice when being called upon to assist in editing my work has had a profoundly positive and long lasting impact on my career”

Alon Skuy

Chief Photographer, Sunday Times

“Carl is an amazing person, professionally and personally. He is wise and has excellent communication skills. He has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages and his ability to connect with his students is truly superior.”

Jenny Babot Romney

Graphic Designer

“Through thoughtful guidance, Carl Juste has an unmatched ability to enhance a work’s impact for a general audience all while maintaining the artist’s original intent. He has played a crucial role in my development as a professional storyteller.”

Ellis Rua

Producer, VICE News

Our Team

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